Lymphedema Diagnosis

One of the most feared side effect of breast cancer treatment is developing lymphedema. It is often diagnosed too late and therefore, requires a lifetime of maintenance. Current lymphedema detection employs various techniques to assess global limb volume change over time or differences between both limbs. New technologies like infrared sensors are more accessible and can output 3D reconstructions of limbs. Therefore, this system provides the platform to explore other (more local) metrics along the limb of interest that may be indicative of lymphedema potentially earlier on in its progression.

To be clinically relevant, these systems must easily integrate into the clinic’s workflow. Collaborating with LymphaTech, our lab has undergone iterations of infrared sensor systems that have the capacity to calculate traditional volume measurements but also allows us to explore new metrics. More importantly, these systems have the potential to be implemented in clinics, having small footprints, being affordable, and working quickly. Our clinical collaborators include TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Grady Memorial Hospital, and Benchmark Physical Therapy.

Contact: Iris Lu